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DIagnostics + Electrical

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You don't always know when you're engine is in trouble

That's why it's important to always bring your vehicle in whenever you see the Check Engine light illuminated on your dashboard. At OK Tire Fort McMurray, we have the proper diagnostic equipment to scan your vehicle sensors (there are hundreds of them in today's vehicles). If the vehicle's computer, the ECM (Electronic Control Module), senses a problem, it will return a code that our technicians can use to determine whether your car needs further testing, inspection or repair.

When to bring your vehicle in for diagnostic testing:
  • If your Check Engine or Service Engine light is illuminated
  • If you hear a ticking or tapping sound coming from your vehicle
  • If your engine won't turn over or is experiencing problems while idling
  • If your steering or braking is vibrating, pulling, swaying or drifting

Electrical Maintenance Services

OK Tire Fort McMurray provides a wide range of services to maintain and repair your vehicle's electrical system. We can troubleshoot and test your electrical system, in addition to offering replacement parts and repairs for batteries, starter's, alternator's etc.
To book an electrical or diagnostic testing appointment please contact us today.
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